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Mike Mumola is an Entrepreneur, Attorney, Business/Personal Consultant, Public Speaker, Influencer, Jiu-Jitsu Competitor, & meditation Expert based in New York City. He has spent more than 20 years in the entrepreneurial space, always remaining focused on teaching physical, mental, & financial health to clients & associates. As an advocate for education & well-being, Mike sits on the board of Man-Cave Health, focused on prostate cancer awareness & treatment, as well as A.I.R Attitudes in Reverse Charity, focused on mental health & suicide prevention.

With nearly 50,000 hours of personal & professional business coaching and mentoring experience, Mike works daily to create prosperous business strategies in a variety of industries. Leveraging his extensive global network with thoughtful practices & key industry expertise; Mike has become a highly sought after personal & professional consultant & strategist.

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Mike’s purpose, & passion for life is fueled by a commitment to helping individuals & brands achieve their full potential. He works daily to help companies & clients enhance strategies, improve personal/corporate wellness and deliver quality solutions. Always remaining focused on mindfulness techniques, holistic business practices, and encouraging a level of charitable giving across a variety of industries. Mike also devotes his time to education, promoting entrepreneurship & mindfulness through speaking events & seminars on a global scale. As an attorney, serial entrepreneur, business coach, meditation/mindfulness expert, & public speaker for corporate, educational & private events; Mike thrives on representing the interests of clients & partners throughout a variety of industries to create abundant results with passion and purpose.

Mike has a reputation of guiding individuals & companies through emerging trends in technology, sports/e-sports, entertainment & business with a focus on consumer behavior, meditation & mindfulness practices, & business development. He has an extensive history of collaborating with global leaders & companies as a consultant, corporate partner, investor, business advisor, motivational speaker & facilitator while focusing on personal & professional wellness & abundance.

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About Mike

Over the last 20 years, Mike’s key industry experience, far-reaching relationship capital, & commitment to the ‘wellness’ approach has helped to drive brand strategy & personal development for companies & clients across a variety of industries.

As a founding partner of Mediabundance, Mike has been a leader in developing  strategies for personal & professional growth at an executive level for over 20 years. Mike has a long history of serving as a public & educational speaker around the world, as well as teaching others on the topic of mindfulness, meditation, and wellness. His experience has helped to create a positive impact across the globe while developing individual & business practices & maintaining an emphasis on philanthropy & charitable giving.


Spending over 20 years as an entrepreneur, & professional consultant for high-level clients around the world, Mike has developed awesome ways to encourage a focus on engagement & education